We provide Cable Assembly,RG,RF,Power Cable,Medical Wire,Tinsel Wire,Copper Flat Braided.

RF for the company to create professional and special wire and cable manufacturers, the market acceptance for the domestic weaving industry RF and the number one brand.

RF wire (0.81,113132, DS132, 137148,50 Ω &, 75Ω) RG Wire (178179188196316, Flex178) very fine line, a variety of high-frequency lines, lines with Teflon lighting, medical line, audio line, Copperbelt knitting, weaving processing , And hot-resistant silver-plated copper wire.

High stretch for the company to upgrade the quality of stability, and to the international competition in 80 years since the introduction of German weaving machine manufacturers are: SPIRKA, HACOBA, NEIHOFF, EURO-WARDWELL, WARDWELL and lines and equipment ... and so on.

RF line for the sake of stability and quality of the development of microwave cables, in particular the introduction of Agilent's 20GHz network analyzer for testing electrical characteristics.

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